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A well respected union contractor with forty plus years of combined management experience in pipeline construction. We adhere to safe operating procedures as our zero OSHA citations and no work related fatalities exemplifies. Exceeding customer expectations is one of our main corporate goals.

Our Vision

Momentum Pipeline, LLC is committed to providing safe and efficient pipeline solutions utilizing the latest technology and equipment, meeting America's energy needs of tomorrow, while minimizing environmental impact today.

Company Profile


  • Established in 2007. We employ a very successful managerial staff that includes a Safety Director, Operations Director, and Foremen, as well as, eighty experienced union Laborers, Operators, and Welders. All employees are qualified to successfully perform duties and requirements of pipeline projects.

  • In addition to building pipeline, we have successfully provided directional drilling, pressure testing, and fabrication. We rely on our strong partnerships with Leslie Equipment, Cleveland Brothers, and several other equipment rental companies, when our large fleet of approximately seventy pieces of equipment is not sufficient.

  • Our fiscal commitment to paying our employees, government tax agencies, and vendors on time facilitates successful project completion.


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